Choosing a trade-off

force and distance, mechanical changing

When working with forces and distances (working mechanically) there is a trade-off between the two. To make the change you want you can make one of the pair smaller at the cost of making the other larger, but still make the change.

choosing, in lifting

Revisit some simple machines and see how making the trade-off gets the job done. Remember it's the area of the trade-off box that determines whether you're going to effect the change you want.

choosing, in hauling

Hauling is just like lifting, except that the load is no longer set by the force of gravity. For moving across surfaces you're working against the slip force, for moving through gases or liquids you're working against the drag force.

You still have choices, as every cyclist with gears knows (a high gear and few pedal strokes, or a low gear and many pedal strokes).

You choose between the same trade-offs between force and distance.

the limits to choice: revisiting a question

Here was a question we asked:

Are there different ways of going about a task, that do make it possible?

Now there is an answer, at least on every occasion that you work with forces and distance.