Entering and editing and storing pml

pml is stored in markdown files, with a file extension '.md'. You can write such files on any word or text processor, making a wider range of devices is therefore available. If writing a lot of pml, you might like to invest in configuring a proper text editor, so that you can see the special words and syntax highlighted, so reducing errors, and so that you can use auto-completion and a snippet system to ease the remembering and typing load. You can store such markdown files almost anywhere.


More complex constructions can be achieved by nesting expressions (a keyword together with its parameters). Start with a simple example. Here are three keywords with parameters:

ValueUnit{100}{kg m s -1}
ValueUnit{20}{m s -1}

You can combine these by replacing the 'top' and 'bottom' words in the FractionBlock with the contents of the first two lines.

FractionBlock{ValueUnit{100}{kg m s -1}}{ValueUnit{20}{m s -1}}

Examples, parsed

100 kg m s-1
20 m s-1
100 kg m s-120 m s-1