Power is happening

Power is in the moment: you're either using it or losing it.

It’s like birdsong, or a rainbow – enjoy it now it, whilst its happening. You can catch the experience, storing it up for later, but you need to create special devices to store what's happening and then get it back later. For hearing and seeing, a camera or recorder capture what you're experiencing, and allow you to relive the experience later.

Power is like shining a torch and playing music, it's there while its happening.

You cannot freeze light, sound or power. They all happen in time.

You need different storage arrangements for power from light or sound. For example you might store solar power as a store of energy in a rechargeable battery. There are a variety of devices you might use.

You can allow the power to fill the store over time.

Or you can look a different ways of filling the store: a little power for a long time, or more power for a shorter time.

But to fill a store, you need the power for a time. Either no power or no time results in no change in the store.

These trade-offs are just like cost boxes`; like some other householders, you might persuade your provider to pay you for providing them with power from the solar panels on your roof.