Llangattock Green Valleys-powering homes

These are materials to support classrooms at upper primary or lower secondary, thinking about electrical power supplies, demnds, and geeration, costs in the home and community.

The context is imagined to be the local community: the genesis is a village with a primary school, an Energy Local scheme, and local businesses using a mix of local power supply strategies.

The resources could be used in preparation for, or follow up from, a site visit, such as to a substantial solar array, a wind turbine or a micro-hydro scheme.

There are four facets to the resource:

The teaching episodes are concise guides, expanded on in the Explorations of teaching episodes. The The physics of supply, demand and cost is a secure line of thinking for teachers, and the Electrical power tripwires draws on educational research and teaching experience to expound some of the teaching and learning challenges.

Seven teaching episodes

The physics of supply, demand and cost

Explorations of teaching episodes

Electrical power tripwires

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